The Co-Hostess with the Mostess

I've been longing to come up with a way to thank and honor the stalwart members of Omni's Patreon community who attend our social events, and I think I have something ... at least for now. Each event will feature a patron chosen as that day's co-hostess. What does it involve, you ask? That's up to the honoree! Options include:

  • Doing nothing other than sitting in your seat, potentially cringing when mentioned as the co-hostess, then ducking out at the end of the event with a hostess gift tucked under your arm
  • Coming a few minutes early and helping me greet people. Chances are you'll either know or recognize some of them!
  • Helping me bid our guests adieu as the event winds down
  • Handing out party favors
  • Having the opportunity to say a few words
Bottom line, you are appreciated, and if it weren't for health protocols, I would hug the stuffing out of you!

Congrats to our upcoming event co-hosti!
In Aid of Miss Scarlet - Tana Donaghy
Merry Mermaids - Martha Ann Woodson
Twilight Tea - Candy Golding
Lord of the Rings - Norma Zamora