Owing to a natural disaster in California that has greatly affected train service, we have had to postpone the April book trip and all associated events including fundraiser, basket packing party, crafternoon tea, Phantom Musicalitea, the secrety society Kickstarter campaign & more

~ 2023 ~

[updated 03 March 2023]

Taking advantage of the postponements to go on a health sabbatical. 
Looking forward to lifting a cup with you soon!


🀴Sunday May 07 - King's Coronation Jubilunch at Pamela's

* * *
To be added or rescheduled: 

πŸ‘» Hotel del Coronado evening ghost tour led by Kate Morgan and historyteller Charles Spratley from Illusions of the Past 

πŸŽƒ The Land of Oz MusicaliTea in the Arcade behind Pamela's Tea Room, to be rescheduled after Pamela's heart surgery

πŸ©°πŸŽ„The Magic of Christmas with Charles Spratley at the Villa Montezuma in San Diego

πŸ”Ž ⛏  Julian Wild West weekend: mining town tour with historyteller Charles Spratley, pan for gold, shoot 'em up at a saloon whodunnit, then settle down on Sunday with tea

πŸŽ‰ Princess Bride Florin wedding feast, the Fullerton Arboretum

πŸ“šπŸΈ Beatrix Potter Toad's Tea 

πŸŽ‰ Pooh Honey Pot picnic tea & beekeeping tutorial

Club 11:11 Flamenco dinner show at Cafe Sevilla in Costa Mesa

  Brdigerfun - our second scandalous tea in the Ton - Tea Rose Garden, Pasadena

Tatooine CanTeana
Hogwarts Yule Ball
Oracles in-person interactive theatrical production
A Night in Narnia
Witches of the West Covention
Mystery at Mt Ada - Catalina Island mystery weekend
The Great
Unsleepy Hollow
C is for Caw - a Moira Rose murder
Marie at Versailles
1940s radio show
Harry Potter Mystery Train
A Discovery of Witches et al
Tardis Tea (Doctor Who)
Outrageous Etiquette & Steampunk Proper
Women of Substance series (Marie Antoinette, Cleopatra, Amelia Earhart, Mata Hari) 
Wheel of Time
Peregrine's Perils (Modern Miss Fisher) 
Back to the Future!
1970s TV Tropes 
Sabrina's Chilling Adventures 
A Room with a View tea & badminton 
The Queen's Gambit - Dress for Chess 
Seance Supper
Phillipa Gregory's queens & princesses

Backburner revisits: 
Willy Wonka
I Love Lucy 

MusicaliTeasMy Fair Lady, Mary Poppins, Chicago, Phantom Phantasy. The Land of Oz

Fairy Tale TeasLittle Mermaid, Alice, Beauty & the Beast, Peter Pan

Cup of Mystery casesScone Cold Dead, Quiche L'Arraigned, Marmalade to Rest, and more


  • Early January - end of Yulshad - viking theme
  • Feb 1 - MidWinter Pajama ParTea celebrating Naxir dyi Gelida (observed by those in the Ignis element. Find your element here)
  • Late February - A Gorey Affair - celebration of the macabre at the Cauldron in Buena Park
  • March 31 - Pneumislum (observed by those in the Nitris element. Find your element here)
  • Polymath's day (observed by those in the Platen element. Find your element here)
  • May 1 - May Day Fae Day (observed by those in the Terris element. Find your element here)
  • Mother's Day - all tearooms
  • June 21 - SerendipiTea - outlandish costume parade & customs
  • Mid-August - First Tear tea (observed by those in the Aquis element. Find your element here)
  • September 21 - Mezz harvest celebration (all elements)
  • Late October - A spooktacular tea at Paris In A Cup 
  • November 1-ish - Dia de los Muertos at The Four Seasons Tea Room
  • November 8 - Arbodacia Day (observed by those in the Arbis element. Find your element here
  • Throughout December - Holiday teas at most tearooms
  • December 30 - Stessa (self-care) day (observed by those in the Aether element. Find your element here)
  • *Saliolum - Leap Day celebration every 4 years

Upcoming Midweek Tea Treks 

Rose & Blanc 
The T Room in Montrose

FRIVOLITEA series...es under consideration

  • Tick Tock Teas - Beat the clock and save the day at a simple "escape" type game while sipping and noshing
  • Women of Substance - We've been waiting since 2019 to offer a series of teas featuring women who made an indelible mark. Expect Cleopatra, Amelia Earhart, Mata Hara, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and more
  • Tea & Sympathy Investigative Agency files - Solve a cold case over a hot cuppa

For weekend getaways, see our Trips page.

Please note, we post event info in a "bajillion" places, and typos/omissions can occur. When in doubt, consult the "event page" that has the payment button on it or email us at TeaTravellersSocietea@gmail.com