Super Secret Free Tea Party

In the world of the Terrins, there lives an old myth
of tea parties thrown on the Saturday fifth.

Both old friends and strangers are welcome to sup 
provided their name’s on the list that’s drawn up.

July thirty-one in the morn’s when we’ll meet
on the grass in a park by a popular street.

Apparel suggestions are easy enough.
Come dressed for a garden tea, not in the buff

The party is gratis. The guest list is small,
Just open to ten who first answer the call.

Don’t sit there. Go sign up the modern world way
by sending an email to say you can play!

Details will follow a week ere  we meet.
‘Til then may your days and your dreams be most sweet.

* * *

FINALLY after having to wait well over a year, our 1st Super Secret 5th Saturday Tea is planned. It will be garden-themed at a park in Long Beach on July 31, and is FREE to the 10 people who end up on the guest list. So how does one get on the guest list? There are a few ways:

  • Find the codewords in Peyton Drake's first story (novellas 1-7)
  • Be a Fiddlehead-level+ Omni patron whose name is selected in a drawing
  • Be a Preceptor-level Omni patron for at least 3 months
  • If you'd like more info, simply email the Ocademy's to inquire about the Super Secret Tea in July.