When we adopted the name Tea Travellers, we had no idea we'd actually be travelling! But here we are, with several trips under our belt and plenty more to come when global health allows. For now, here's what we have planned:
  • Mission Mystery - train to San Juan Capistrano, Mission tour, Haunted SJC tour, tea at the Tea House on Los Rios, train ride back (date TBD)
  • Portland Noir - a 3-part mystery starting with tea at Paris In A Cup (March 2021), dinner at the Pacific Dining Car (May 2021), an overnight train trip with dining car mystery headed to Portland where we'll stay for the weekend (July 2021)
  • We have a few other things on the back burner included a Mobster Melee in Chicago, a trip to the Biltmore NC, and jaunts across the pond to the UK & Paris
Visit this page now and again for details and links.