Pack your tea trunk and get ready to travel through time and space. Plans may change due to public health protocols, but for now, here's what we have penciled in:
  • The Golden Spike! - walk in the footsteps of the characters from the upcoming upside-down-stairs novel set in 1880 San Francisco and Sacramento. Train trip set for 13-15 May 2022
  • Portland Noir - 1940s overnight train trip & onboard mystery headed to Portland where we'll stay for the weekend (July 2022)
  • Literary London trip to the UK with Scotland-Ireland Prologue and Bath Epilogue - celebrating the work of Gabaldon, Christie, Dickens, Doyle, Austen, Quinn, and more (2023)
  • Une Tasse de Paris (2024)
  • Red Herring - 1960s Spy cruise (TBD)
  • Speak Easy - Die Hard - 1920s Mobster Melee in Chicago (TBD)
  • Immortal N'Awlins - Victorian vampire & hunter visit to New Orleans TBD)
  • Visit to the Biltmore NC 
  • plus sojourns to places such as St. Petersburg (Russia) and more
Visit this page now and again for details and links.

[updated 05 November 2021]