The Tea Traveller's Constant Companion

20+ years and 500+ tearoom visits later, behold our first regional tea guides. Southern & Northern California, Oregon & Washington are available for purchase in 2 formats along with our newest Southwest Quad edition, incorporating ARIZONA . NEVADA . NEW MEXICO. UTAH

Guides come in a variety of handy formats to ensure you find the style that's right for you, In addition to tearoom blog posts featured on this site we offer the following:

  • A no-nonsense tearoom guide for the serious tea traveller
  • Approx. 180 pages (SoCal)
  • Easy-reference tearoom listings with menus (as applicable)
  • Live links to websites and social media pages
  • Alphabetical, regional, and category indexes 
  • Includes a smattering of nifty quotes & tea trivia tidbits
  • For Kindle, Nook, E-pub,  et al
  • Content updated periodically (Amazon will notify you when there are updates)

Paperback print books on Amazon - SoCal ($14.99), NorCal ($10.99), Oregon ($5.99), Washington ($8.99), Southwest Quad ($5.99)
  • No frills, no fluff, this is the Baedeker of tearoom guides, indispensable for tea travelling
  • Perfect fit for a purse or Tea Travellers Societea logo tote bag
  • Approx. 240 pages, printed in glorious black & white (SoCal)
  • 6"x9" paperback
  • Same content as e-book
  • Travel Diary page per tearoom for you to document each tea trek
  • Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc.
  • Book signing events commence in June 2015. See our Festiviteas page for dates