We are afternoon tea lovers just like you, former tearoom owners,
and intrepid tea travellers.

If you're in Southern California, join our Tea Travellers Meetup group. Our events include everything from whodunits to museum trips to multi-day tea tours, all accompanied by afternoon tea.

For those who live out of the area, we'd be happy to help you start a local group of your own!

Sit and sip in the comfort of your own home and visit with us through our primary hub - Patreon, on our Facebook, or via Meetup as feasible.

You may also reach us via email at
(As of 17 August 2019 we are no longer accepting telephone calls for a variety of reasons including the lack of a paper trail and to dissuade folks from calling at the start of an event leaving a message indicating they plan to attend although they've not made a reservation in advance.)