Join us for tea with some Crafty Pirates!

It's time to doff yer hat ... after ye decorate it, that is 

Join us for a spot of tea fit for a pirate before we get to the business of embellishin' our tri-corn hats. 

Friday, June 21, 2024


McKenna's Tea Cottage
237 Main Street, Seal Beach, CA . 562.431.0200
We'll be seated in their intimate private patio

$64.75 includes sandwiches, tea, and scones, plus basic craft supplies. Amount also includes tax, gratuity, payment fees. As the simple tea does not come with dessert, we are arranging to bring in some mini sweet treats

$59.75 ($5 discount) for those who sign up for our July 20 Christmas in July with Pirates SHARED TREASURE HUNT philanthopry party

Please feel free to bring embellishments to share! We'll be bringing the following in keeping with our black, red, gold color palette:

  • [hat shown for inspirational purposes only
    ... don't get your hopes up]
    a few tricorn hats, nothing fancy (you may want to bring your own to ensure it's up to your piratical standards)
  • red, white, black, blue, pink ostrich feathers
  • gold braid trim
  • black lace trim
  • gold coin trim
  • a bit of black marabou trim and white marabou trim
  • red & white striped ribbon
  • rhinestone brooches
  • sea creature & Christmas embroidery patches
  • hot glue, wire, scissors et al

The choice be yours
All sales are final, and there are no refunds, however, if you're unable to attend, please feel free to give your spot to a friend. If you have food allergies or dietary restrictions, please speak with the venue directly at least a week in advance.