Win Afternoon Tea at the Four Seasons Tea Room!

The Four Seasons Tea Room in Sierra Madre is open, and per request we're holding a contest to COME TO TEA FOR FREE with Tea Travellers hostess Joy on Friday July 17th at 11am.

The beloved Four Seasons Tea Room is doing their best to navigate the increasingly stormy waters of summer 2020. At a time when only outdoor seating is allowed, they will move service to their beautiful garden patio with plenty of room, fresh air, and privacy.

To show our support, we're holding a contest to come to tea for free with Tea Travellers hostess Joy on Friday July 17 at 11am. If additional restrictions are placed on dining, that date may need to be rescheduled.

Four of us would be seated together, so take that into account per your personal social distancing needs. Joy will be sporting a face shield the whole time (as well as a mask when not dining).

Contest is open to all $1+ Patreon patrons of the Omni Arts Ocademy under whose umbrella the Tea Travellers Societea operates. Not yet a patron? You might be missing out! Patrons receive advance access to merchandise and event reservations—not to mention a teapot full of perqs at no charge. Click this link to learn more. This contest requires a one-year commitment at the $1 level or higher, on the honor system. We'd love to have you join our communitea.

To enter, simply share the above image in a post on social media. We'll select and announce a winner on July 10. We're so looking forward to taking tea with you!

P.S. In case your settings don't allow us to see what you've shared, please tag Tea Travellers when you share. xo