Monday, September 9, 2019

Mrs. Maisel's Marvelous Spring Picnic

SAVE THE DATE for a fabulous '50s potluck picnic in the park

Saturday, 16 May 2020
at El Dorado Park, Long Beach CA
{by the Duck Pond & Fountains, off Studebaker between Los Arcos & E. Willow St.}

Midge Maisel is helping organize a potluck picnic as a fundraiser for the Whimsicalidocious Arts nonprofit 
to ensure up-and-comers like her get a leg-up in their chosen artistic profession

What to expect:
A 1950s potluck spread
(Your hostess is bringing a Sandwich Loaf, mini Jello Molds, Tuna Casserole bites, and Chocolate Chiffon Cake!)
Lemonade & Iced Tea (served in plastic cups. If you'd like to drink from glass, please BYO) 
Disposable dishware provided (BYO dining ware if you prefer the real thing)
Games galore!
Hula Hoop contest, Twist-off, Name that Tune, Limbo, Bubble-gum blowing contest, 1950s trivia, Bingo, and more

What to bring:
Beach chair &/or blanket (We'll be in a park with limited benches)
Food to share if you're choosing the potluck option (see participation options below)
A joke to tell, at Midge's request
1950s toys & games if you so desire

$19.58 = standard donation + please bring an era-appropriate potluck dish to share with 8 guests
(This price good for reservations made before 12-31-19; $24.58 thereafter)
$29.75 = standard donation + leave the cooking to someone else and just show up!
(This price good for reservations made before 12-31-19; $34.75 thereafter)

1950s apparel heartily encouraged

Options through Dec 31, 2019

Refunds? 'Fraid not, as the event is a fundraiser with proceeds benefiting Whimsicalidocious' 2020 scholarship recipients (including an author, a filmmaker, a fine artist, a textiler, and hopefully a composer). If you're unable to attend, feel free to give your spot to a friend.

$19.58 of your donation is tax-deductible. (Whimsicalidocious is a 501(c)(3) Fed Id #81-5396395 operating under the corporate filing name Whimsicalitea.

Note: Your transaction # on your receipt from Paypal is your proof of purchase and comprises your ticket. If you are contributing to the feast, we will contact you regarding your intended dish of choice via the email associated with your Paypal account, so if there is a different email address you prefer, do please let us know. 3rd party tickets (or those purchased outside of our site) will not be honored.