Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Game of Scones - Westerosi tea

6 April 2019

at El Dorado Park near the archery range
Long Beach, CA

Thank the old gods and the new, at last we return to Westeros after a painfully long drought.

As the War of the Five Kings winds down and Winter wanes, we'll bid a fond farewell to Westeros at the event I've been waiting to host for 7 long years.

Details will be sketched out once I have a feel for the potential number of attendees. We'll be "roughing it" near El Dorado Park's archery field (lessons available for $5 10:30-11:50am).

The tea party will be a potluck picnic, and will most likely run $20 for those who bring tea treats for #8, $30 for those who'd prefer not to bring food ... It's a fundraiser for the Whimsicalitea arts nonprofit. Bring your own teacup, and prepare to relive the golden days of GoT via trivia and theme doings. We'll have some doorless prizes and fun party favors.

Westerosi attire welcomed and encouraged ♥

Info to be updated as things unfold. Everything should be locked down by the end of February ... unless the wall falls or something ...