The Manners Maven will see you now

Hard as it may be to swallow (quick, take a sip of tea) I used to serve as a source for answers to social etiquette conundrums. Every now and then I miss it. But thanks to
Alexis Roelke and Teri Kialia Barela who chimed in as part of a discussion about our Sense & SensibiliTea event, I'm going to dive back into the fray ... with a twist ... maybe even a full Gaynor.

Going forward, I will once again observe MANNERS MONDAY and encourage you to send me your etiquette questions.

But this time, I'm hoping you will send absolutely outrageous queries, especially those that deal with faux pas from eras gone by.

Anyone game? If so, you may address me as the Manners Maven, with all the pomp such a monicker begs ;) xo ~Joy