Lanterman Ragtime Tea Dance 2017

Join Mass Historia for an elegant "Downton Abbey" style afternoon of tea, music and dancing in the ballroom of historic Craftsman-Style Lanterman House in La Cañada/Flintridge.

Music by Ian Whitcomb, Sheila Murphy-Nelson and more.

Afternoon tea from the Locke Noble Tea Company

Tickets are $50.
Buy them here:

Dance Class: Noon to 1 PM
Dancing and Tea: 1 to 5 PM

Historical attire from 1917 (or thereabouts) is suggested, but not required. If you lack historical attire, ladies will do fine in a loose cotton blouse and an ankle length skirt. Gents will be fine in a coat and tie (especially a bow tie).

The Dances
The most common dance is the One Step, which is the easiest ballroom dance ever (it's just walking) and a fine alternative for any dance in 4/4 time. Also on the program are the Tango and the Waltz, There will be a dance class in the hour preceding the event (noon to 1) to cover these dances.

There will also be a dance class in the San Fernando Valley on the evening of February 19th that will provide a more in depth introduction to these dances (More info)

The Location
Historic Lanterman House is a rare architectural gem: a concrete "Craftsman" house with beautiful interior design and a ballroom on its second floor.

Lanterman House
4420 Encinas Drive
La Cañada Flintridge,
California 91011-3313
(818) 790-1421

Proceeds benefit the Lanterman House Foundation's mission of preservation and education.