The Unexpected Book Club Tea


Join the members of Omni's Bibliothefairies Guild for our next book club tea, featuring the 1966 novel The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax by Dorothy Gilman

Saturday, 10 September 2022


Tea Rose Garden, Pasadena

$55.75 includes salad, sandwiched, scone, fruit, dessert bites, tea (tax, tip, PayPal fees)

Dress a la the 1960s if you can, and in deference to Mrs Pollifax, please wear a hat with flowers

"Mrs. Pollifax is an elderly widow who has come to find life dull and is almost ready to end it all out of sheer boredom. Inspired by a newspaper profile of an actress who began her career in later life, she decides to fulfill a childhood ambition and apply for a job as a spy at the CIA. Meanwhile, Carstairs at the CIA is looking for an agent who can pass as a tourist in order to pick up an important package in Mexico. Due to a slight confusion, he thinks Mrs. Pollifax is one of the candidates and decides that Mrs. Pollifax is ideal; Carstairs decided this assignment carries so little danger that even one who is relatively untrained may be sent. So with minimum explanation, Pollifax is ushered off to Mexico City to meet a bookstore owner/secret agent, exchange code phrases, and leave with the package. The courier mission does not go as planned, and Mrs. Pollifax finds herself imprisoned in the Socialist Republic of Albania,[1] facing harsh questioning and possible torture. But she proves to be unusually resourceful, and with her companion's assistance, manages to outwit the enemy and save the day."

All sales are final. No refunds available, but if you are unable to attend, you may give your spot to a friend. 

The menu is set, so if you have dietary restrictions, please contact the venue, then contact Tea Travellers to let us know what was agreed to. We will follow up with them to ensure you're covered xo