TTS Passports 2021

Commencing 21 June 2021, 10 Tea Passports will be available for $39.95 to all Omni patrons at the Fiddlehead level and above. 50+ refillable pages include:

  • Tea Treks - for keeping track of where you went, who you went with, the occasion, and a whole lot more
  • Festiviteas - for capturing the memory of a theme event
  • Teases - for logging the tea places on your wishlist
  • Notes - for scribbling
Nota bene! While a great deal of care has gone into the creation of these handcrafted transit booklets, they most definitely appear homemade—for better or worse (... okay, mostly worse). As such, each is a bit different, and all have their own adorable (ahem) flaws. Just pretend a beloved toddler made your passport, and you'll view it as a thing of beauty. One per person, please, unless you are purchasing as a gift for another patron at a Fiddlehead+level.

In the spirit of getting out and patronizing the tearooms, your passport will be available for pickup at the next Tea Travellers event you attend.

Don't forget to get your passport stamped when you visit the following tearooms:
  • Pamela's English Tea Room
  • The Four Seasons Tea Room
  • Paris In A Cup tea salon 
Stamp coming soon to McKenna's Tea Cottage

Shhhh don't tell anyone, but in 2022 we'll host a passport-holders-only event!