"Home is where the tea is." ~JS Devivre
We are a grass roots group created to celebrate all things related to tea service and to foster a sense of communitea, connecting patrons and tearoom proprietors in meaningful ways.

Beginning with Southern California, we're working diligently to bring tea-goers the latest and greatest info on afternoon & high tea purveyors that we can find in the USA—one cup at a time, one region at a time.

Dozens of beloved tea rooms have closed in the last several years, and we're determined to apprise you of all that's going on locally, to introduce you to new budding tea establishments, and to remind you of those stalwart few that have weathered the economy's storms and stood the test of time.

Our Tea Traveller’s Constant Companion tearoom guidebooks are available in digital and paperback formats, with five regions down, dozens more to go.

If you live locally, consider joining our vibrant Meetup group. If you're out of the area, you still may join in the shenanigans when you take advantage of our annual Membership or work with us to start a TTS salon in your hometown. Last, if you're a business, we have a number of ways to help you reach our audience.

Join us for tea travels, both in person and online. We'd love to get to know you over a cuppa.



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  1. Hi Joy
    I want to join! Please hook me up!

    1. Hi, darling fiddler. Here's the link: http://www.teatravellerssocietea.com/p/membership.html Choose what's right pour VOUS <3