Parcel Quests

Do you enjoy getting pretty packages by post?
Do you enjoy ripping into goodie boxes with abandon?
Do you get a kick out of searching for clues and solving mysteries and riddles?

Then our Parcel Quest packages may prove the perfect activitea to indulge in over a cuppa.

Our first quest series, Adventures in Whimsiland (created for the new Whimsicalitea venue that opens in September 2017) is offered in four installments. We even created an original cookbook for the occasion - the Curiouser Recipe Compendium

Riddle-Dee-Teaavailable April 22 - $29 + shipping
Solve the riddle of how a a bat is like an iPad
"Riddle-Dee-Tea quest took me back to my sleuthing days of Henry Huggins adventures and word puzzles when solving the adventures made me lose track of time so I was always late for something. Looking through the pages for clues had me going until I had everything I needed to ultimately solve the riddle of the whimsical message." ~C. Freeman 

Absolutely Frabjous available June 17 - $39 + shipping
Learn the secret to defeat the Jabberwock

Cheshire Cattitudeavailable August 12 - $49 + shipping
Get to the bottom of the shenanigans caused by Chessie, Dinah & the white kitten

Seeing Red available September 23 - $59 + shipping
Join the Queen of Hearts to find out who really stole the tarts!

We are currently taking suggestions on a theme for our next quest.