Thursday, June 15, 2017

Quest success!

YAYYYYYY - Just received this Quest praiseology from quester Dianne L:
"I really enjoyed Riddle-Dee-Tea, Adventures in Whimsiland, Quest #1! It was fun clicking the hidden links and solving the puzzles. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to explore because the Quest takes you to many wonderful websites. This quest has whet my appetite for next year’s Spot of London tour to Scotland, London, and the return trans-Atlantic cruise on the Queen Mary II. I’m looking forward to the next Quest!"


  1. Is this about a game or an actual real life quest because that would be so cool. And If not my mom usually like these type of games. lol.

    1. Well hello, 'best college essay service' :) Here's a link that describes the quests in detail: While they are RL, it's all done from your armchair, with the 'stuff' you receive in your package. I'm afraid there's no racing around the globe, though I too think that would be cool :)

  2. London is full with sculptures in the parks. They look amazing but seriously i never got the reason behind this sculpture.