Monday, February 1, 2016

Join TTS in taking over a popular tearoom!

Have you ever wanted to be part of a tearoom but found it too overwhelming?

Exciting news, Tea Travellers!

We've been silent for a little while as we'd been sworn to secrecy, but as of today we've been given the go-ahead to announce that we have the opportunity to take over the wonderful Tea and Teacups Tea Room in Yorba Linda. The beloved owners, Claudia and Terry, are going to focus their energies on their tea importing business, Empress Tea Company, and we plan on doing several events with them.  

As tearoom owners will tell you, it is all but impossible to make a go of a tea business unless you have something else to offer your customers, be it a gift shop or other related business. We plan to maintain a small gift shop and very active salon with an unparalleled diversity of events and experiences. Please see our mock website for a peek at what's in store: SireniTea mock website

Tea and Teacups opened 25 years ago, and thanks to its 3 different sets of owners, has served the tea community without cessation. We intend to keep the tradition going for many years to come. Many enthusiasts long to own or be part of a tearoom, but few have the flexibility of schedule to devote 7 very long days a week to the enterprise.  If you'd like to be a vital part of the tearoom experience, we have a variety of ways for you to get involved. 

We are currently raising capital to ensure the continuation of the tearoom. We have several basic business things already in place, but need to come up with additional start-up funds to get the ball rolling. Here are some of the ways we intend to do so: 

Enjoy Pre-Pay Discounts & Deals

Earn tearoom gift certificates, shop discounts and cash bonuses

Contribute and Be RecognizedProof that even tea has 'perqs'
Our tearoom will be a collaborative effort, made possible by the contributions of time and funds by many an afternoon tea lover.  Here's how you can get involved and how you'll be rewarded ... aside from the obvious rewards of goodwill and seeing the tearoom continue in perpetuity.

A NOD - $10
We will publicly thank you on our Facebook & Twitter pages

A WINK - $25
We will gladly post your name as a donor on our website for one month

A SMILE - $50
We will post a link to your social media page of choice on our Facebook & Twitter pages

2 FOR FUN - $100
Receive Royal-Tea level membership in the Tea Travellers Societea as well as enrollment in Siren School's PLUNDER rewards program. Both are awfully nifty!

IT ADS UP - $250
Receive ads for 3 months on any of our various websites that best suit your business and needs

Take over the salon for a private soiree &/or tea party of your own for up to 10 guests

Take over the tearoom for the celebration of your choice for up to 30 guests. Includes specialtea-service

All expenses paid trip for 2 to British Columbia with our Victorian Gentilitea Tour - April 2016. Includes air fare, 3 nights at The Empress Hotel, tea & more

A SIDE of YOU! - $5,000
We will include your name in our menu (print & online) for one year

Your name will appear on the front window of our shop for 6 months

MARQUEE ME - $25,000
Your name will appear as part of our shop's primary signage ... for a full year ... for real!

Tearoom Queen for a Day Take over the tearoom for 2 days and offer your own official brand of tea service to family friends and even customers!

Our goal is to complete fundraising by Valentine's Day and take over operations in March.
With much love and high hopes of keeping the tearoom blessing the tea community for years to come,

Joy & Carol
Tea Travellers Societea 
779-3CHEERS (779-324-3377)

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